The continuing investments of GBN Services into improving our services to our customers has taken another step forward.

We have invested in a new computerised system for the management of our skip hire and wheeled bin services.

This system is being rolled out across GBN Services from September to December this year.

Benefits to our customers include:

  • Email alerts of a skip being dispatched
  • Electronic waste transfer notes
  • Electronic invoices with signed waste transfer note and relevant pictures attached
  • Immediate feedback to GBN Services of any issues encountered
  • Customer portal giving clients up to the minute access to their data

Benefits to the environment:

  • Reduction in paper waste transfer notes, invoices and envelopes
  • Reduction in printing and posting sundries
  • Reduction in waiting times for our lorries
  • Better route planning and utilisation for our lorries

We have put a lot of effort into identifying the system that best suits us and our future, and supports our customers and their needs, and future proofs us and our clients.

Staff training has begin and will be continuing for the while of the implementation. Our aim is to make the implementation as smooth as possible.

With this new system, GBN Services this year will have invested in:

  • New processing plant and equipment
  • New processing support plant and equipment
  • New vehicles
  • Our staff
  • New facilities
  • A vast array of minor but meaningful improvements


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